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The Environmental Risk Reporting and Information System (ERRIS) project is a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative of the India Chamber of Commerce. The goal of ERRIS is to set up a structured and transparent framework for voluntary reporting of environmental hazards and risks by industries and disseminate such information to key stakeholders through a distributed GIS based Risk Management Information System (RMIS). At the same time, it is envisaged that the RMIS would gradually evolve as an important tool for Local Administrators by helping them to take informed emergency response decisions during a potential risk scenario in the area of concern.


The following are the specific objectives of the project :
• Establish a voluntary risk reporting system for potentially hazardous industries in
• Map risks and vulnerabilities in select industrial towns using GIS technologies.
• Develop customized distributed GIS based application software supported by a    
  comprehensive database of hazardous industries and chemicals, vulnerable
  receptors and emergency management resources.
• Launch Risk Management Outreach Centre’s at the local level, back them up with
  adequate institutional framework to support their functioning and build capacity at
  all levels.
• Sensitize stakeholders with information related to industrial risks and hazardous
  chemicals through the ERRIS website, RISKWATCH newsletter and other


The primary stakeholders for this initiative are corporates and industries located in the select industrial townships in eastern India, regulatory agencies in the region and vulnerable communities residing in these industrial townships. In the first phase, the project is being piloted in the industrial towns of Haldia and Durgapur in West Bengal.


The project activities involve working with various stakeholders in a partnership approach to set up a sophisticated and versatile knowledge-based information system for risk management, make operational an institutional framework to support the initiative, and carry out sensitization and capacity building for identified target groups.

Chemical Database

Online, searchable Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for hazardous chemicals and chemical mixtures. >>...

Risk Information System

GIS enabled, industrial Risk Management  Information System (RMIS) Haldia and Durgapur. >>...


Project Partners

International Institute for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation, Netherlands.


Institute for the Protection and Security of the Citizen, Italy.

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